Zinulin, soluble fibre for the whole family

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Zinulin, contains the highest quality pure Belgium chicory inulin

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A Natural Soluble Dietary Prebotic Fibre Supplement

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Zinulin, scientifically proven to deliver results

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Zinulin supports good bacteria as soluble dietary fibre

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Zinulin is a convenient way to get your daily fibre intake. Zinulin has no flavour, is soluble and works by improving the the good bacteria in your colon. Recent studies suggest that keeping your gut healthy can improve digestion, immunity and overall health.

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  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • 100% plant extract
  • Inulin is extracted from the Chicory root
  • 100% inulin
  • Fibre is known to help lower cholesterol
  • Relieves constipation
  • Inulin is diabetic friendly
  • Reduces Visceral Fat
  • Coeliac friendly

I have had trouble for years, trying every laxative and fibre product that I could find but then I discovered Zinulin and it works! Its gentle, effective and so easy to take. Fantastic.

Barbara - South Australia

I was reading an article about Inulin and its health benefits and then discovered Zinulin. I recommend it to all my patients and they are having excellent results.

Dr. F - Victoria

I have been diabetic for several years now, and tried a sample of Zinulin from the Diabetes SA shop. I haven’t looked back. I have also noticed that it doesn’t affect my blood sugar readings where other fibres were making them a bit high.

Jody - Hendon SA

Zinulin has really improved my IBS. Because it is so gentle and simple to take I started using it about six months ago, starting off with half a teaspoon and increasing it to one heaped teaspoon as recommnended. I still have the occasional bout of IBS but nothing to how I was suffering before Zinulin.

Judith - South Australia


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